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Idea : Organic Void 7 ~ Bookshelf House 2 ~ | From the architectural design of Tokyo

Last time, I talked about "Idea: Organic Void 6 ~ Kichijoji housing complex ~".

Bookshelf wall: 2nd floor corridor / stairs

This time, I would like to talk about the organic void of the "bookshelf wall."

Through renovation, I wanted to create a space where you can feel the space.

Bookshelf wall: Entrance to the private room on the 2nd floor

A space concept that evokes images of space and time.

I would like to express that in the collision of new and old spaces called renovation.

The "white bookshelf" has an existing wooden framework and a newly inserted white bookshelf box.

I intended to make you feel the "pause" between new and old materials and spaces.

Bookshelf wall: Private room on the 2nd floor

The entrance to the newly created room is an opening with a part of the white bookshelf.

Doors and other fittings are not installed at the entrances of these rooms, and the spaces are segmented by bookshelves and existing frameworks.

Bookshelf wall: model (Copyright: YDS)

In the back of the bookshelf, a bookshelf cut out for the entrance appears

Between the rooms, there is a minimal space with bookshelves and wooden frames.

Even if it is small, you can feel the infinite expanse,

I intended the space of "between" like the universe.

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