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Last time, I talked about "Idea: Organic Void 1 ~ Ibaraki no Ie ~".

This time, we are talking about the idea "City Square".

When designing an apartment house, we re-question "getting together and living".

Then, think about the concept unique to that land.

I would like to create a "space that can be obtained only by gathering", not an architecture that combines housing.

I am thinking about creating a road space and a plaza space.

Shakujii Park Apartment: Courtyard

Because we "gather and live", we want a space where residents can spend their time freely in an apartment building.

I think we need a space in the plaza.

When you reach an apartment, you will reach it from the city through the road.

Shakujii Park Apartment: Axonometric (Copyright: YDS)

As soon as you step into the premises of many apartments, the squares and road spaces in the urban space are lost.

The corridors leading from the entrance hall to each dwelling unit are just routes.

We would like to create a plaza where people can gather, relax and feel nature.

Shakujii Park Apartment: Courtyard

In the housing complex of Shakujii Park, we created a "city courtyard" that resembles a Western European plaza.

This courtyard is a space enclosed by walls and louvers.

It is difficult to create such a plaza space in an apartment building that pursues economic rationality.

We will consider the laws and regulations in detail, and consider the cost and livability.

A bulging public space,
I am thinking of creating it rationally.

Please see the following site for the completed photo.

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