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Idea : Organic Void 4 -Kumamoto House-|From Tokyo Architectural Design

Last time, I talked about "Idea: Organic Void 3 ~House in Nerima~".

Kumamoto House: Living

This time, I would like to talk about the organic void of Kumamoto's house.

I wanted to create a relaxing space in the long and narrow atrium space.

Kumamoto's house: Atrium

In the house in Kumamoto, a long and narrow atrium is created above the living room, and natural light is taken in from the skylight.

The upper part of the atrium is surrounded by walls to create an abstract white space.

Kumamoto's house: Atrium

Natural light enters the Void space of Kumamoto's house from the top light.

The light bounces in the elongated cylindrical space and reaches the living room on the first floor.

Strong light shines into the white box-shaped space.

It is wrapped in soft light and changes every moment.

Kumamoto's house: Atrium

The image of this long and narrow space is nothingness, space, and emptiness.

It is a vague space with nothing but light.

This space in the upper part of the living room becomes a small universe where you can feel the depth of the space more than the openness of the height of two floors.

Please see the completed photo below.

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