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Ideas for a building like this are limitless ③|Architectural design in Tokyo

Last time, I talked about "I wish there was such a building, the ideas are endless (XNUMX)".

Model of a house with a terrace (copyright: YDS)


This time, we are talking about a project to develop a certain area in Gifu prefecture as a residential area.

I would like to talk about the idea I had at that time.

Model of a house with a terrace (copyright: YDS)

The content was to propose six dwelling units in one block as one unit.

By expressing the characteristics of a region rich in nature, we considered it as a residential area with a sense of unity with houses using Japanese cypress, which is a special product.

Let's make a "house with a cypress terrace" using cypress!

Reminiscent of a river flowing through Gifu
It would be nice to create a fun waterway in each house.

I thought of a design that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the area.

Model of a house with a terrace (copyright: YDS)

We proposed it as a place where waterways connect houses and residents can actively interact with each other.

In addition to the terrace, the house has a large dirt floor to create an open design for the city.

Model of a house with a terrace (copyright: YDS)

Then, the slopes of the roofs were made uniform, and local cedar was used for the outer walls, giving a sense of unity.

Keep the height of the building down and connect with the community
Let's design a house that you can feel.

The design is strongly conscious of town development.

Model of a house with a terrace (copyright: YDS)

It is a residence where you can feel the atmosphere of the surroundings while individually fulfilling your own lifestyle.

We also aimed to create a city that would be a place where loose communication could be born.

Please see the following site for photos.

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