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Beautiful islands of the Mediterranean 12 ~ Utilizing the space you experienced in design ~ | From the architectural design of Tokyo

Last time we talked about "Beautiful Islands in the Mediterranean 11".

Alleys of Mykonos (Shinkenchiku Journey)

I will walk a little further and see a space like a "small square" that opens a little.

A small staircase with 2 and 3 steps came into view.

These stairs are not very desirable from the viewpoint of "barrier-free", but they are "enjoyable to walk".

If you go up about 10 to 15 steps at once, the scenery will change dramatically.

This is about going up two or three steps,

The experience of "a little higher and lower line of sight"
It's fun is not it.

Alleys of Mykonos (Shinkenchiku Journey)

When I was walking in a wide place, I entered a narrow alley again.

It's a narrow alley, barely wide enough for people to cross each other.

A small space sandwiched between a white wall on the left and a wall with the same stone finish as the floor on the right.

It's kind of fun.

An alleyway with “both sides unified in white” is nice, but it’s also interesting to have “one side feels the same as the floor” like this.

Alleys of Mykonos (Shinkenchiku Journey)

After passing through the alley, a small slope appeared this time.

The steps on the stairs seem to be fine without a ramp, but it's nice to be kind to the elderly.

Walking on a slope is different from walking on stairs, and it's fun because "the line of sight changes little by little."

Alleys of Mykonos (Shinkenchiku Journey)

I'm back in the big space again.

The weather has improved a little since a while ago, and the whiteness of the walls has become more prominent.

I'm also worried about electric wires, but it's good that there are no transformers like Japanese utility poles.

The utility poles are also “simple poles”, and they do not interfere with the scenery so much, and even create a taste.

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