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Idea: Diverse Coexistence 4 - Housing Complex in Kichijoji - | From Tokyo's Architectural Design

Last time, I talked about "Ideas: Diverse Coexistence 3 - Housing Complex in Kichijoji 2".

Kichijoji Apartment: Exterior

This time, it is a story of "diverse coexistence" in the housing complex in Kichijoji.

I would like to create collective housing that not only harmonizes with the city and the townscape, but also actively works with them.

In Kichijoji housing complex, we created a forest as a plaza, so that people who come and go in the city can enjoy the trees in the forest.

Kichijoji housing complex perspective (copyright : YDS)

An opening is opened in the exposed concrete wall surrounding the forest, and not only the residents but also the city can see it.

Residents and passers-by can enjoy the growth and seasonal changes of the trees in the forest.

I intended the architecture to become one of the landscapes of the city along with nature.

Kichijoji housing complex 1,2 and XNUMX: Appearance

Residents can enjoy the nature of the courtyard from the forest, stairs, and contact plaza.

And you can see the urban space through the exposed concrete opening.

Kichijoji Apartment: Exposed concrete pillars running through the courtyard

A new relationship between architecture and the city was created by opening the nature of the courtyard that the architecture envelops to the city.

Please see the completed photo below.

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